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Our Sanctuary...

Providing high quality lives to cats in need since 2002

Our story


Val Slamka, Founder and Director of A Purrfect World

It all started when Val Slamka took in a stray cat. Little did she know she would become a key partner in the community’s fight to create a better life for cats. Founded in 2002, A Purrfect World started caring for cats that would otherwise be euthanized or abandoned. A Purrfect World has since expanded to become a three-story cat wonderland, where cats of all backgrounds are given freedom to roam, play, and eat all day long.  Val and her volunteers work tirelessly to keep the cats happy and healthy as well as partnering with local organizations and community events in the hopes of creating a “Purrfect” world for cats everywhere.



"There is no better that I have dealt in my state (NJ). Most of the time, pets without homes are treated just like that. Pets. Not here. Each pet is treated like a living, breathing, life that wants to be loved and cared for"

                        - Will, Facebook Review

"A Purrfect World does the most amazing work; the love for cats is unconditional and true. Their commitment to both their kitties and the families who work with them is unwavering"

                        - Lynn, Facebook Review

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A Purrfect World relies on the kindness of its donors and 100% of donations go to running the sanctuary. Consider making a contribution today and joining the fight to create a world where no cat is left behind!

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