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A Purrfect World is dedicated to assisting the local shelters and communities in the care and education of stray and unwanted cats.

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Sep 21, 2018


1 comment

In memory of Puddin, a vvery sweet cat swho was rescued from a sewer many years ago.She was with me for thirteen wonderful years until diabetes took a toll on her .Always in my heart





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  • Miss you much,Sundance.You werwe're found in Paterson as a stray. ..dirty and full of ear mites.With care and love,you blossomed I iinto the most gorgeous cat.Rest in peace. .and xoxo
  • Shrek was with us for over 4 years. He was a stray left abandoned. We took him in. It wasn't long that he was diagnosed with diabetes since he was drinking an enormous amount of water. His condition remained stable all the while and he was just such a pleasure to have around. He never caused any trouble with any of the other cats, his body remained strong up until just about a week before his condition declined so rapidly we were unable to get a diagnosis but cancer was suspected as a huge mass was felt in his abdominal area. Even up until his last day he was so calm and did not show any signs of pain. As soon as his breathing became labored we assisted his journey across the Rainbow Bridge.